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How to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Rent a Car in Dubai
Rent a Car in Dubai

Dubai is a dream city for millions of people not only because of its tourist attractions but also for business purposes. In both situations, transport is the crucial factor because everyone needs it to travel from one place to another. And the majority of people prefer to rent a car over personal and public transport.

There is a multitude of reasons for this. For example, using public transport can be time-consuming since not all areas are connected to the Dubai Metro. This is why many prefer renting a car.

Now, renting a car in Dubai is a simple process, particularly if you are using a rent a car app.

However, bear in mind that it involves some important steps which are necessary to perform carefully. So, before going to rent a car consider these important steps, it will help you to understand the process and requirements of renting a car in Dubai.

Select the Best Rental Car Center

When planning to rent a car in Dubai, the very first step is to figure out the best car rental Center. The reason is that in Dubai a lot of rental car centers are providing their services. And it’s quite confusing to select a center for renting a car.

While searching for the best rental car house, try to find the service in your location because it’s too expensive to hire a car from a center that is far away from your residential area or picking point.  If you have not found any service center nearby then using the aggregator is the best choice. It helps you to rent a car from any location with your desired budget.

All you need is to go on the website and enter all the data including location, time, renting period, price, and other crucial information. It will provide you with a list of all types of cars with price tags and the process to order.

Collect Your Documents

As stated above, renting a car in Dubai is a very simple and easy process but you must have your important document to avail of this service. The reason is that documents are proof of your legal existence and other formalities. All the documents which you need to rent a car in Dubai include a valid passport, visitors visa, driving license of the home country, and international driving permit. If you are a local citizen of Dubai then you don’t need a visit visa and IDP ( International driving permit ).

All these documents are necessary to provide. In case you missed any one of these documents the renting car center will cancel your affiliation.

Selection of Best Car

Rental car centers in Dubai offer a wide range of cars at different prices. You can select any car according to your requirements and budget. The minimum price for a small size car is 35$ Before selecting a car carefully evaluate the number of members and size of the car. Make sure the car has enough capacity for your luggage.

Another important factor that plays a very crucial role in the selection of a car is the purpose of renting a car. Different cars are available for different areas. For example, if you plan to visit a desert safari in Dubai then you require 4×4.

Check Insurance Policy

Before renting a car or signing the agreement carefully check the insurance of your rental car. Rent a car center in the United Arab Emirates offers insurance plans to protect you and your money in case of an accident. But it will work only if the driver is registered with the company and not drunk at the time of driving. Different centers offer different levels of insurance. Some companies provide you with charges for all the damages to the car and the surrounding areas. But not charge for your injuries.

On the other hand, some companies also cover the charges of your loss, injuries, and rent. Even they cover the expense of your luggage stolen from the rental car. Therefore, an insurance policy is something worth considering before agreeing to rent a car in Dubai.

Inspection Before Picking up the Car

After finalizing the deal, don’t make a hurry and check the car from all sides. Deeply look into the inside and outside of the car and figure out any damages or scratches already present on the car.

Don’t forget to check the working condition of the AC to avoid the hell temperature of Dubai. This careful inspection will save you from paying extra charges. Make sure to get the helpline number of the company. Lastly, read reviews about car rental agencies. Only select the car rental agency that has good reviews and user testimonials.