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50+ Exclusive Dost Poetry Lines – Unveiling the Essence of Friendship

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Discover the beauty of heartfelt connections and celebrate the essence of friendship with our captivating blog post on ‘Dost Poetry‘ (Poetry about Friendship). 

Dive into a world of poetic expressions that will touch your soul and explore the profound emotions that come with true companionship. 

Join us as we unravel the power of words to honor and cherish the special bond of friendship in this inspiring journey of poetic exploration.

50+ Exclusive Dost Poetry 

Here are 50 dost poetries (poems about friendship) in Urdu with Roman English that will touch your hearts.

Dosti ka safar koi samjhe na samjhe,

Dil ki gehraiyon mein basi ye bandagi. (Translation: No one can truly understand the journey of friendship,

  1. It resides deep within the depths of the heart.)

Dosti qeemti tohfa hai,

Jis ki qeemat koi paimaish nahi kar sakta. (Translation: Friendship is a precious gift,

  1. Whose value cannot be measured.)

Dosti ke bagh mein dil khilte hain,

Pyar ki khusbu se mehak jaate hain. (Translation: Hearts blossom in the garden of friendship,

  1. They are filled with the fragrance of love.)

Dost sitare ki tarah chhup gaye,

Humare jeevan ko roshan karte rahe. (Translation: Friends disappeared like stars,

  1. They continue to illuminate our lives.)

Jab lafz kam pad jaaye, chup se baat karti hai,

Sacche dost samajh jaate hain, chahe kitni bhi raat ho jaaye. (Translation: When words fall short, silence speaks,

  1. True friends understand, no matter how late it gets.)

Dost sadiyon tak yaad rehte hain,

Jinhe bhoolne ki koshish bhi nahi hoti. (Translation: Friends are remembered for centuries,

  1. They cannot be forgotten, even if we try.)

Dost ki hansi, rooh ki azaan hai,

Dard ko door karke khushiyaan paas karati hai. (Translation: A friend’s laughter is the call of the soul,

  1. It dispels pain and brings us closer to happiness.)

Dosti ke gale se lagane se sukoon milta hai,

Ek aasra hai woh zindagi ke har daur mein. (Translation: Finding solace in the embrace of friendship,

  1. It is a support in every phase of life.)

Dosti ek khubsurat rishta hai,

Jo zindagi mein hamesha barkarar rahta hai. (Translation: Friendship is a beautiful relationship,

  1. It remains constant throughout life.)

Dost sitaron ki tarah chamakte hain,

Zindagi mein rang aur khushiyan laate hain. (Translation: Friends shine like stars,

  1. They bring colors and happiness into our lives.)

Dosti ki dooriyan koi nahin samajh sakta,

Dil se dil juda hai, woh ehsaas hai nirala. (Translation: No one can understand the distances of friendship,

  1. Heart to heart, it’s a unique feeling.)

Dosti rangin hai, jaise rangon ka jadu,

Har pal saath hai, har mod pe saath chhod du. (Translation: Friendship is colorful, like a magical spell of colors,

  1. It is there at every moment, I won’t leave you at any turn.)

Dost se baat karne mein sukoon hai,

Dil ki baatein samjhe bina bhi woh jaan lete hain. (Translation: Talking to a friend brings peace,

  1. They understand the thoughts of the heart without even speaking.)

Dosti ke bagh mein khilte hain yaar,

Phoolon ki tarah dil ko bhar jaate hain. (Translation: Friends bloom in the garden of friendship,

  1. They fill the heart like flowers.)

Dosti ki zameen par khud ko paao,

Saath nibhao, saath jeeo, yeh hai dosti ka faasla. (Translation: Find yourself on the land of friendship,

  1. Support each other, live together, that’s the distance of friendship.)

Dost ki yaadon mein rang hai,

Dost ki baaton mein gehraiyon ka sagar hai. (Translation: There is color in memories of friends,

  1. There is an ocean of depths in the words of friends.)

Dost apne liye tohfa hai,

Sath nibha kar khud ko badhawa hai. (Translation: A friend is a gift for oneself,

  1. It is encouragement to be there for each other.)

Dost woh sahara hai mushkilon mein,

Manzilon tak saath chalne ka wada hai. (Translation: A friend is a support in difficult times,

  1. It is a promise to walk together till the destination.)

Dost sitaron ki tarah chamakte hain,

Zindagi ko khubsurat banate hain. (Translation: Friends shine like stars,

  1. They make life beautiful.)

Dosti ka rang hai mohabbat se bhi gehra,

Har pal saath hai, har khushi mein shaamil hai. (Translation: The color of friendship is deeper than love,

  1. It is there at every moment, it is included in every happiness.)

Dost ki muskurahat dil ko bhaati hai,

Har gham ko door karke khushiyan laati hai. (Translation: A friend’s smile pleases the heart,

  1. It dispels every sorrow and brings happiness.)

Dosti ke rishte dil se judte hain,

Zindagi bhar ke liye saath nibhate hain. (Translation: The bonds of friendship connect hearts,

  1. They stand together for a lifetime.)

Dost ke saath lamhein guzaarne ka maza hi kuchh aur hai,

Dil se dil milte hain, bechainiyon ka bhi asar hai. (Translation: Spending moments with a friend is a different kind of joy,

  1. Hearts meet each other, even the restlessness has an impact.)

Dosti ke baadal chhaye hai dil ke upar,

Barish ki tarah khushiyaan barsate hain yaar. (Translation: The clouds of friendship spread over the heart,

  1. They shower happiness like rain.)

Dost ke liye dil mein umeed jagi hai,

Har mushkil ko saath mein paar kar liya hai. (Translation: Hope is alive in the heart for a friend,

  1. Together, every difficulty has been overcome.)

Dosti ke bandhan mein hum bane hain,

Saath chalne ki kasmein liye hain. (Translation: We are bound in the ties of friendship,

  1. We have taken vows to walk together.)

Dost ka saath sadiyon tak yaad rehta hai,

Aisa rishta hai jo kabhi na bhulta hai. (Translation: The company of a friend is remembered for centuries,

  1. It’s a relationship that is never forgotten.)

Dosti hai ek raah asaan,

Jismein milte hain sacche yaar wafa ke sath. (Translation: Friendship is an easy path,

  1. Where true friends meet with loyalty.)

Dost se mile zindagi mein sukh hai,

Saath mein bante hain khushi ke rang hai. (Translation: Meeting a friend brings happiness in life,

  1. Together, they create the colors of joy.)

Dosti ka safar hai anmol,

Dost ke liye dil mein jagah hai hamesha. (Translation: The journey of friendship is priceless,

  1. There is always a place in the heart for a friend.)

Dosti ke lamhein dil ko choo jaate hain,

Saath chalne ka wada nibhate hain. (Translation: Moments of friendship touch the heart,

  1. They fulfill the promise of walking together.)

Dost ki dosti, baat hi nirali hai,

Dil mein basi hai, har khushi mehsoos hoti hai. (Translation: A friend’s friendship is unique,

  1. It resides in the heart and is felt in every happiness.)

Dost se baatein karne mein mithas hai,

Har musibat mein sath nibhane ki taaqat hai. (Translation: Talking to a friend is sweet,

  1. It has the power to stand together in every adversity.)

Dost ke saath hansna, dil ko sukoon deta hai,

Saath mein rote bhi hain, ghamo ko bhulaate hain. (Translation: Laughing with a friend gives peace to the heart,

  1. They cry together too, forgetting sorrows.)

Dosti ke raaste par chalte chalte,

Har gham ko bhi khushi mein badal dete hain. (Translation: Walking on the path of friendship,

  1. They turn every sorrow into happiness.)

Dost se baat karke dil ko halka kar dete hain,

Zindagi mein rang bhar dete hain yaar. (Translation: Talking to a friend lightens the heart,

  1. They fill life with colors, my friend.)

Dost ka saath ho toh zindagi suhani hai,

Har din khushiyaan se bhara hota hai. (Translation: Life is beautiful with the company of a friend,

  1. Every day is filled with happiness.)

Dosti ke silsile kabhi khatam nahi hote,

Har pal dosti aur gehrai dikhate hain. (Translation: The threads of friendship never end,

  1. They show the depth of friendship at every moment.)

Dost ki duaon mein shakti hoti hai,

Unki muskurahat se jeevan roshan hota hai. (Translation: There is strength in a friend’s prayers,

  1. Their smile illuminates life.)

Dost ke saath har pal guzarna hai,

Saath mein khushiyaan aur gham saath lena hai. (Translation: Every moment is to be spent with a friend,

  1. To share joys and sorrows together.)

Dost ka saath nibhana hai farz,

Dosti ka silsila hai khaas. (Translation: It is a duty to uphold the companionship of a friend,

  1. The bond of friendship is special.)

Dosti ka ehsaas dil mein basta hai,

Har mod pe saath nibhane ka wada hai. (Translation: The feeling of friendship resides in the heart,

  1. There is a promise to stand together at every turn.)

Dost ke saath har din Eid hai,

Musarraton se mehfil sajti hai. (Translation: Every day is like a festival with a friend,

  1. The gathering is adorned with joys.)

Dost ki dosti hamesha sath nibhati hai,

Jaise chandni raat mein sitare chamakte hain. (Translation: A friend’s friendship is always upheld,

  1. Like stars shining in the moonlit night.)

Dost ka saath dard ko kam karta hai,

Khushiyo se jeevan ko rang bharta hai. (Translation: The company of a friend reduces pain,

  1. It fills life with colors of happiness.)

Dost se baatein karne mein dil ko sukoon milta hai,

Zindagi mein dosti ka ehsaas hi alag hota hai. (Translation: Talking to a friend gives peace to the heart,

  1. The feeling of friendship in life is unique.)

Dost ke liye waqt ka koi maayina nahi hota,

Har pal saath rehne ka wada nibhate hain. (Translation: There is no measure of time for a friend,

  1. They fulfill the promise of being together at every moment.)

Dost ka saath hona hai khushi ka ehsaas,

Dil mein baste hain dosti ke pyare rang. (Translation: Being with a friend is the feeling of happiness,

  1. The lovely colors of friendship reside in the heart.)

Dosti ke lamhein dil ko bhatakte hain,

Har mushkil ko saath mein paar karte hain. (Translation: Moments of friendship wander the heart,

  1. Together, they overcome every difficulty.)

Dost ka saath hai zindagi ka sabse bada tohfa,

Sacche dost hamesha rahenge sath mein. (Translation: The company of a friend is the greatest gift of life,

  1. True friends will always stay together.)


What is dost poetry?

Dost poetry, also known as friendship poetry, is a form of poetic expression that celebrates the bond of friendship. It encapsulates the emotions, experiences, and virtues associated with friendship, often conveying feelings of love, support, trust, and loyalty through poetic verses.

Is dost poetry limited to a specific language?

No, dost poetry exists in various languages across different cultures. It can be found in Urdu, Hindi, English, and many other languages. Each language adds its own flavor and essence to the expression of friendship through poetry.

What are the common themes in dost poetry?

Dost poetry often revolves around themes like love, companionship, trust, loyalty, understanding, and shared experiences. It may also touch upon the joys and challenges of friendship, the importance of standing by each other, and the lasting impact of true friends in our lives.

Can dost poetry be shared on special occasions?

Absolutely! Dost poetry is often shared on special occasions such as birthdays, friendship day, or any other momentous event that celebrates friendship. It can be a heartfelt gesture to express appreciation, gratitude, or to strengthen the bond with a dear friend.

Are there famous dost poets?

Yes, there are several renowned poets who have beautifully captured the essence of friendship in their works. Some notable dost poets include Mirza Ghalib, Allama Iqbal, Jaun Elia, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Sahir Ludhianvi, and Gulzar, among others.

Can dost poetry be written by anyone?

Yes, dost poetry can be written by anyone who wishes to express their feelings of friendship through poetic verses. It is a form of personal expression that can be crafted by individuals with a passion for writing or those who want to convey their emotions to their friends.

Can dost poetry be shared on social media or in greeting cards?

Absolutely! Dost poetry is often shared on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, as a way to celebrate friendship and express heartfelt emotions. It is also common to include dost poetry in greeting cards, personal letters, or messages to friends on special occasions.


Dost poetry, also known as friendship poetry, holds a special place in the world of literature and emotions.

It beautifully captures the essence of friendship, expressing love, support, trust, and loyalty through poetic verses. Dost poetry transcends language barriers and can be found in various languages, including Urdu, Hindi, and English. 

It celebrates the joys and challenges of friendship, emphasizing the importance of companionship and standing by each other through thick and thin. Whether shared on special occasions or in everyday moments, dost poetry has the power to inspire, strengthen, and deepen the bonds of friendship. 

It serves as a heartfelt reminder of the invaluable relationships we cherish in our lives. So let the words of dost poetry resonate, touch hearts, and celebrate the beauty of true friendship.