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Best course for Automation Testing


IT organizations continuously shift towards automation testing and prefer a minimal manual testing approach. Companies now prefer to retrain the existing staff in automation testing and reduce the overheads of manual testing.

As work environments have changed drastically after the pandemic, it is clear that automation testing is the way to grow in the software testing industry. Also, these automation testing courses validate and enhance your technical skills reflecting your enhanced prowess in the particular vertical.

According to BuiltIn, a Quality Analyst’s average annual base salary is around $84k in the US. However, a fair amount of time and effort has to be invested in learning from these courses to sharpen your technical skills.

Every software company requires testing its application before launching it in the market. This career choice provides many lucrative opportunities for both onsite and remote work preferences. You can get the title of a Quality Analyst or Software Tester and grow your career into a Business Analyst or Project Manager.

The top QA Automation course highlighted in this article will help you improve your software testing methodology regardless of your programming expertise and make it more effective.
List of best online Automation Testing courses
Here is a review of some top-notch courses to learn automation testing that increases your technical credibility.

  1. Automation Test Engineer (Master’s Program)- Simplilearn
    Ranked as the number one coding Bootcamp, this program will boost your career as an automation test engineer. You will be amped up with the most demanded skills in the industry that will help you build a robust testing framework.

The comprehensive curriculum covers over 15 automation testing tools and technologies like Selenium Web driver, Maven, AutoIT, Appium, and Docker. This course offered by Simplilearn provides hands-on training on capstone projects based on real business scenarios.

It also has granular certification courses like Selenium training, Docker Compose in Depth, and Java Certification training. All these courses help you attain a Master Level Certification and boost your reliability as an Automation Test Engineer. Also, the course instructors are leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies into the digital sessions. If you complete this course, you also earn an industry-recognized course certificate that proves your validity as a highly efficient Quality Analyst.

  1. Selenium WebDriver 4 with Java (Udemy)
    This course offers a detailed understanding of Web Automation frameworks. Dedicated instructors help you with queries around the clock and prepare you for interviews. You will understand behavior-driven testing using tools like Cucumber and cross-browser testing using Selenium Grid. Also, you gain a better hold of the TestNG Framework.

At the end of the completion of this course, you will have the required skills to automate any web application.

  1. Software Testing and Automation Specialization (Coursera)
    This course is intended for intermediate software developers seeking to gain more knowledge and sharpen their skills in implementing automation QA testing. You will learn about mobile and web testing methodologies using the Selenium tool. You will also come across black-box and white-box testing strategies that will allow you to generate a large number of tests in a short time. Moreover, you get access to the most common QA automation interview questions that help you to ace the interview in one go.
  2. Automation Testing Engineer- Master’s Program (Edureka)
    This course offered by Edureka helps you to learn automation testing and optimize your testing strategies and methodologies. This curriculum covers training on Performance Testing using JMeter, Mobile app testing using Appium, and Continous Testing in DevOps.

Depending on your learning stage, you can also explore Selenium Certification Training and Ruby with Cucumber Certification testing program- designed to grow your testing abilities.
Benefits of Automation Testing
Let’s explore the major benefits of an automated testing approach for software applications and why sharpening this skill will give you an edge in your organization.

  1. Swift Feedback Cycle
    When you learn about the automated testing approach, you reduce the time required to know the complete feedback cycle for new software features. This accelerates the software development process, and the organization can put out a rigidly tested app in less time.
  2. Easy Data-Driven Testing
    One of the key benefits of automation testing is data-driven testing. As a tester, you can evaluate all the functionalities of numerous data sets and minimize the number of test scripts. This approach enables the reuse of functions and actions in testing, which helps testers to accelerate the application development pipeline.
  3. Scalability
    The automated testing approach is highly scalable as most testing is done automatically with minimal human supervision. This allows the organization to smartly allocate its work resources and focus more of its time on high-value tasks. A highly efficient strategy offers better control and transparency over the complete testing process while reducing security concerns and risks.
    As the software market evolves, the demand for skilled automation experts also rises. Upskilling is the need of the hour if you wish to have consistent growth in your professional life. You can take up these courses and learn in-depth about automation testing through different online platforms. The above platforms provide up-to-date and relevant educational content that raises your proficiency level.