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How To Unlock Computer Via Android Or Iphone?

How To Unlock Computer Via Android Or Iphone?

Unlocking a computer using a smartphone or smartwatch has become a trendy feature that showcases both convenience and technological advancement. With the ability to work seamlessly across multiple devices, it is expected that the device we carry with us most of the time can also serve as a remote control to unlock or lock our computers. This eliminates the need to wait or repeatedly enter passwords on the computer system.

Considering the significance of this feature in our daily lives and the growing demand for it, this article aims to provide comprehensive information on how to unlock a computer using an Android or iPhone device. The article will delve into the various features and updates that enable remote locking and unlocking of tablets or PCs. By exploring this topic further, readers can gain a better understanding of how to leverage their smartphones or smartwatches to enhance the security and convenience of accessing their computers.

Benefits of Computer Unlocking through Android/iPhone

A computer stores valuable information and personal details, making it crucial to ensure strong protection and avoid disclosing sensitive information to unauthorized individuals. While a password provides a level of security, it is not foolproof, as passwords can be forgotten or hacked. However, unlocking a computer with an Android smartphone or iPhone offers a way to enhance security and provide peace of mind.

By utilizing a mobile app for computer unlocking, two-factor authentication is achieved. Certain software can turn a USB drive into a security token, offering a reliable solution to secure access to Windows and replacing the traditional login method. This approach provides several benefits that become evident when utilizing this feature.

Some of the benefits include enhanced security by adding an additional layer of authentication, convenience as the mobile device becomes the key to unlock the computer, and peace of mind knowing that only authorized individuals with the specific smartphone or iPhone can access the computer. By leveraging this feature, users can improve the overall security of their computer systems and safeguard their valuable data and personal information effectively.

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  • Using the mobile phone like the electronic key for unlocking and login is very easy.
  • It provides better protection to the computer’s access.
  • One does not need to memorize the complex and long passwords.
  • One single device can be the electronic key for both the Mac and the window user account.
  • One receives the support administrator credential prompt, which means network authentication, application install prompt, and remote desktop login help.
  • There is available the private or the premise cloud support.
  • There will be no requirement for anything on the device to the physical USB port.
  • It is too easy, and all one needs to do is put the phone on the table and then touch it to unlock the computer.
  • There is the feature of knock to login. All that’s needed here is to double knock the phone in the pocket to unlock the computer.
  • There will be no requirement for carrying the additional USB key for the digital security.

Unlocking Windows with Android/iPhone

Rohos Login Key

You can download Rohos Login Key on the computer and the smartphone for unlocking the PC. In order to move ahead, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Download software on both the devices that you wish to pair for unlocking the PC. The given login key is available for Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iPhone.
  • As part of the next step, launch the program on the PC, and there will appear a page.
  • On the page, click on the Options button and then set settings.
  • After all the options have been selected, click on the option Ok.
  • Next, select the set up key option and then select the QR code method for verifying the key.
  • Lastly, download the mobile application and scan the QR code that is provided on the screen of the PC from the given application to unlock the same through the mobile phone by detecting the PC.

Now that your personal computer has been authenticated with a smart device, every single time you unlock the Windows screen, you will be required to have the smart device for unlocking the second authentication process.

Dynamic Lock

In order to go ahead with this option, one has to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Go to the Settings and click on the option Devices.
  • Next, click on the option Bluetooth & other Devices. Make sure that you enable the Bluetooth from it.
  • Next, go ahead and pair the smartphone with the PC using the Bluetooth connection.
  • After the devices have been paired, go to Settings and click on the option Accounts.
  • Lastly, select Sign in Options that are provided on the left-hand side menu and click on the option Dynamic Lock.

With just following the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to use the dynamic lock feature to unlock the computer.

Final Words

Now that you are aware of the options for unlocking your PC discussed above, feel free to choose the one that suits you best. By utilizing these options, you not only enhance your security but also have an opportunity to showcase some impressive features to your friends. Staying updated with current technology and new features ensures that you remain aware of the latest changes and can make full use of them.

Remember, relying solely on a password for privacy and security may not be sufficient. Taking an extra step and implementing a two-step authentication process adds an additional layer of security to protect you and your device. With these options being provided as part of updates, there is no need to delay. Embrace the advancements and make the most of them to enhance your privacy and security.